Don’t be a Little Shit


I hate telling people I have Crohn’s Disease (mainly because I always forget how to spell it). Secondly, because no one knows what it is (So here you go, sounds sexy huh?) And thirdly, because people say dumb shit when they find out you have it.

This time of year any kind of invisible illness is difficult because Holiday season means “fun, family, and food.” Which is great and cute for people who have energy and can eat whatever they wish. However, for those of us who have severe food restrictions the Holiday season can be stressful and irritating. So, I’ve compiled a lists of things to not say/do to your family members who have some kind of IBD.

1. Do NOT ask them to try every dish you make. For the sake of your toilets and trashcans, you might want to cool it on asking them to try your newest “fried-breaded-dipped-in-gravy-wrapped-in-grease-and-layered-with-bacon” concoction.

2. Don’t ask them to participate in everything. Chances are if they are having a flare or a bad day their energy level is extremely low, so give them a break. Don’t act like you are going to cut them out of the Christmas card for missing one family brunch.

3. Do NOT ever ever ever say anything along the lines of “oh, my God I wish I couldn’t eat.” “I could use some Crohn’s myself.” “I had a stomach ache one time.” It’s not the same, don’t be an asshole.

So, keep those in mind as you try to be inclusive of all your family members this season. It also doesn’t hurt to have some extra toilet paper and pain reliever on hand.