7 Ways to Get to Game 7

7 Ways to Get a Game 7 Against Miami:
1. BLOCK OUT: It’s not difficult. Miami players have complete breakdowns during rebounding sometimes and do not block out, so there is no reason that every Pacer player should not have an ass on someone after every shot. Plus, Birdman’s out, so you don’t have to worry about getting punched in the face.
2. NO WASTED POSSESSIONS: Miami will outscore you if you try to get into a shooting contest. Slow it down, get good possessions, and try not to come up completely empty. When you’re playing Miami you don’t get careless turnovers. If you control the tempo, you control more of the game.
3. POST HIBBERT: The games the Pacers have won, they have gotten the ball inside and Hibbert does that beautiful little hook he has (yummy). The Heat only have so many men they play inside (the reptile, Birdman, Haslem) wear them down!!
4. DON’T FOUL: If you’re guarding Bron Bron stay out of foul trouble and don’t run your mouth. There are some players who just give you the D even harder when you start running your mouth, so shut up. Keep your head and ass down and play solid defense. Then when you win the series, you might be able to talk a little smack.
5. BE ACTIVE: Stephenson and George need to be more active. Stephenson cut!! Get it the lane and shoot a floater, do anything for the sake of all that is Holy!! Help your team out and at least score 10. If you’re shot really isn’t falling then you need to play the best defense possible, and get some easy steals. Defense leads to offense (take ya back to 4th grade basics). George, as beautiful as you might be, you are even more irresistible when you stick the ball in the basket so score some damn points. Get to the line. The lane is your happy place.
6. FRUSTRATE WADE: Control Flash and stay in front of him. He has not played well the last few games, and eventually the frustration will wear him down and lead to costly mistakes.
7. Pay Off the Refs: Everyone in the world (but me) wants the Heat to win. It helps the league, makes more money, better publicity etc. So, it wouldn’t hurt if someone slipped the refs a couple thou so they’d help you out a little. Because unfortunately if Bron goes off for 50 I’m not sure how much even my fantastic advice will help.
There ya go. Do this and thank me later.
Side note: I forgot to post this earlier so being that it’s 5 minutes into the game, I am just hoping that Frank Vogel reads this in the locker room during half time. If anyone knows him feel free to send it to his phone, might help them out and get them to game 7 in Miami. Beat the Heat!!


Heat v. Pacers Game 5

Heat v. Pacers Game 5


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